About Tineke Timmerman

Welcome to my portfolio

I’m an experienced Front-End Developer, UI Developer and Accessibility Developer with a passion for creating seamless, inclusive digital experiences. My journey in tech spans over 15 years, blending innovative design with technical skills to enhance user interaction across various digital platforms.

Illustration of Tineke Timmerman

Professional Path and Vision

During my adventure at People2.0, in 2023, I was tasked with enhancing application accessibility. Know as a developer implementing good UX,  this experience opened my eyes to the profound impact of accessibility in technology, prompting me to delve deeper into this field for two key reasons:

  1. Anticipation of the European Accessibility Act 2025
  2. Desire to Make Technology Accessible for All

To achieve these goals, I’ve enriched my expertise through targeted accessibility courses while simultaneously refreshing my skills in JavaScript and Angular, while continuing growing my UX expertise.

Creative Philosophy and Methodology

Inspired by the concept of “designing with code,” I adopt a holistic approach to digital solutions, often blurring the lines between design and development. This allows for rapid, efficient prototyping and iterative design, facilitating direct implementation and real-time adjustments. My portfolio showcases projects where I’ve effectively integrated this, from enhancing user interfaces to building accessible, data-driven applications.

Team Collaboration and Skills Integration

I thrive in dynamic, multidisciplinary teams where my skills complement the work of UX designers and developers. My approach is collaborative and supportive, facilitating cross-functional teamwork that leads to solutions and successful project outcomes. I believe that the best digital products result from a seamless integration of design, technology, and user insight, which is why I actively engage with all team members to bridge gaps between functionality, aesthetics, and user experience.

Making an Impact

My work has significantly enhanced user experiences and accessibility. Whether I’m consulting on major projects for fintech and government sectors or designing responsive solutions for retail, my efforts are aimed at leveraging technology to improve inclusivity.

Hire me for

  • Create UI Design Libraries, fit for the company’s framework.
  • Implement high quality front-end code.
  • Refactor codebase to meet UX and Accessibility standards.
  • Upgrade design by immediate implementation.

Join Me

As I continue to navigate and shape this interface between design, development, and accessibility, I invite you to explore my projects and consider how we might collaborate to create more inclusive and effective digital environments.