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5 months
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Head of Design

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As the Head of Design within the Marketing & E-Commerce Department, I led a creative team responsible for producing both offline and online marketing materials. My role was crucial in driving the visual strategy and execution for three major retail brands, ensuring cohesive and impactful customer communication across multiple channels.


  • Team Leadership: Managed a team of four designers and one trainee, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.
  • Creative Production: Oversaw the design and development of various marketing materials, including brochures, posters, flyers, in-store materials, online banners, and landing pages.
  • Project Management: Handled incoming project requests, ensuring effective planning and timely delivery of marketing outputs.
  • Agile Implementation: Introduced and managed the Scrum methodology to streamline project processes, utilizing Jira for task management.
  • Skill Development: Actively coached team members, enhancing their professional skills through personalized development plans and front-end development training.
  • Technical Design: Contributed to the technical aspects of design by creating responsive grids for landing pages using Bootstrap and developing email templates for marketing campaigns.
  • Innovative Initiatives: Led the design and development of an online magazine and a new responsive website header and footer for iCentre, enhancing brand presence and user engagement online.
  • Process Optimization: Advised on and assisted in improving departmental processes related to the production of marketing materials introducing Agile scrum.
  • Strategic Consulting: Provided recommendations for expanding and enhancing the front-end development team to support broader marketing objectives.

Despite the company’s financial challenges and subsequent bankruptcy, I successfully advanced the department’s marketing capabilities and left a lasting impact through innovative design solutions and team leadership. Continued my career in freelancing, applying the skills and experiences gained during my tenure.