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Front-end UX UI Team lead
Binck Bank
9 months
Location type:
On Site
Code stack:
HTML CSS SASS Javascript Angular NPM Gulp Webpack C# .Net
Visual Studio Code Jira SVN
Online Openen

Project info


At BinckBank, I led the development of an innovative online account opening prototype, an essential project that transformed the customer onboarding process from a complicated, paper-based system to a streamlined digital experience. Prior to this initiative, customers were required to navigate through extensive paperwork to open an account, a process compounded by stringent regulatory demands.


The challenge was to design an online procedure that was not only compliant with regulations but also user-friendly, minimizing the complexity despite the necessity to collect detailed information through numerous required fields. My role involved the initial design and development of the prototype, ensuring that it was both intuitive and efficient for users. This entailed conducting thorough UX user testing to gather feedback and refine the interface, enhancing its usability and effectiveness.

Upon successful completion of the prototype, I supported the front-end team during the implementation phase, applying insights and modifications to ensure a seamless integration into BinckBank’s existing digital infrastructure. The project’s success led to my subsequent appointment to establish and lead a dedicated UI/Front-end team, aimed at further elevating the quality and responsiveness of the bank’s digital applications and websites. This role underscored my commitment to enhancing digital interactions and delivering superior user experiences across banking platforms.