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Design Manager E-Commerce

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6 months
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On Site
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Design Manager E-Commerce

Project info


Oversaw the visual communication for both the webshop and app across the Netherlands and Belgium, with a primary focus on enhancing the online shopping experience.


  • Strategized and maintained the visual identity of the online Bijenkorf brand within the context of the new Bijenkorf Luxury proposition.
  • Led and mentored a digital design team comprising five full-time employees, freelancers, and external suppliers.
  • Directed the creation of all online campaigns and visuals for,, newsletters, and the app.
  • Collaborated closely with the UX team and Marketing department to ensure a cohesive and effective design strategy.
  • Introduced the Agile and scrum method to the teams
  • Produced several online commercials

Case Studies

This list contains some of the cases I worked on, but are far from all.


As the Design Manager for eCommerce at de Bijenkorf, I led the creation of a commercial intended for the Belgian market, focusing on art direction, project management, and material coordination. The commercial was developed to resonate with our existing and potential customers by showcasing our extensive product range, emphasising the ease and convenience of our online shopping experience.

The objective was to refresh de Bijenkorf’s presence in the Belgian market with a high-impact commercial that aligns with the brand’s elegant and customer-centric identity. Inspired by the success of our previous campaigns, the goal was to maintain continuity in brand messaging while introducing updated seasonal offerings.

The primary challenge was managing the intricate process of syncing various elements crucial for the commercial’s success, including coordinating with different stakeholders such as the marketing team, creative directors, and external partners. Another significant aspect was collecting and integrating feedback effectively to ensure the commercial met all creative and brand standards.


My responsibilities encompassed overseeing the entire project from inception to completion:

  • Art Direction: Guiding the visual style and execution to ensure it met de Bijenkorf’s high standards.
  • Project Management: Coordinating timelines, deliverables, and team responsibilities to ensure smooth execution within the set deadlines.
  • Material Collection: Ensuring all visual and textual materials such as logos, voiceovers, and product images were in line with brand guidelines.
  • Stakeholder Coordination: Acting as the primary liaison between internal teams and external agencies, facilitating clear communication and timely updates.
  • Feedback Integration: Managing rounds of feedback to refine the commercial, aligning final outputs with stakeholder expectations and market needs.


The commercial successfully launched in the specified broadcast weeks, receiving positive feedback from stakeholders and the target audience alike. It effectively communicated de Bijenkorf’s message of quality, luxury, and customer convenience, reinforcing the brand’s presence in the Belgian market.

This project highlighted the importance of strategic planning, team collaboration, and effective project management in executing a commercial that not only meets but exceeds expectations. It demonstrated my ability to lead a complex project in a dynamic environment, ensuring that every aspect of the commercial was aligned with de Bijenkorf’s esteemed brand identity and marketing goals.


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Still uit De Bijenkorf commercial met logo en vrouw met rood haar op achtergrond.
Still uit commercial